Container Hedging

These are grown and sold by our sister company Hedgegrow Ltd. We predominantly offer what is called mock staggered hedging which is a 20L pot with 3 plants in it planted in a triangular formation.If planted with care these can imitate a hedge that is planted in a double row. We recommend that these are planted at 2.5 pots per metre to give you the correct spacing.

Along side these during the summer we will have limited quantities of individual potted plants available but the range varies all the time.

  • Mock Staggered Hedging
  • Crataegus monogyna 140-160cm tall, 20L pot
  • Mixed Native Hedging 140-160cm tall, 20Lpot
  • Mix 1 2 thorn and 1 Field maple
  • Mix 22 thorn and 1 Hazel
  • Mix 3 2 thorn and 1 Sloe